Our Cohort (St. Rose, St. Joseph’s Millstone, St. Thomas More and St. Robert) met for the first time on March 15.  It was an excellent meeting—the strengths and weaknesses that were identified in each of the parish’s surveys were similar so, the efforts will be clear and focused. The Cohort has a strong foundation to work from and is off to a good start—besides common ground they found a strong spirit of cooperation, friendliness and sense of purpose.
The cohort will be meeting every two weeks to prayerfully, thoughtfully prepare the recommendation that will be offered as an action plan for our parishes to begin in the coming months. They will be discussing the four areas that were evaluated in the parish surveys: 1) the Sacramental life, 2) Evangelization, Catechesis and Catholic Schools, 3) Communal Life, and 4) Stewardship and Leadership.
Information will be provided as the work progresses.  Please pray for the Cohort as they do this important work for our parish, our local communities and the Diocesan Church.
Our Core Team representatives are: Loretta Kuhnert, Cathy Lo Bue, John Toutounchi and Elena O’Sullivan and can answer any questions sent to

Core Team Updates